$55.00 USD

Payment Terms:

We have agreed on a one time payment of $55.00 USD.

When you purchase a package of time/programme/health audit with me, I commit to having enough available time to serve you. My commitment to you affects my ability to take on other clients whether 1:1 or in a group programme. For this reason, I do not offer refunds.

Supplement Review

What's Included:
A Comprehensive Review: We will delve into your current supplement routine, evaluating each product's efficacy and compatibility with your specific health goals.

Personalised Recommendations: Based on our discussion and your individual needs, I will provide you with tailored recommendations, suggesting potential additions or adjustments to your current regimen.

Expert Insights: I will share valuable insights and answer any questions you may have regarding supplements, dosage, timing, and possible interactions and how that relates to your current health goals.